GeoSeal allows Checkins/Checkouts only if device is within a preset geographical area at the time of a Punch. For example, if a Location is set with Radius as 300 (meters), this means there is a Geofence of 300 meters around the Location. If GeoSeal is verified, only punches from within this Geofence will be allowed:

Hence, please ensure that:

  1. You are Checking In/Out from within Geofence
  2. Location has been set correctly

Members who are physically located outside this Geofence will see the message: "Looks like your device is outside the Location’s set radius. Do you want to submit this checkin/checkout for your supervisor’s approval?" when trying to Checkin/Checkout of this Location. On clicking on OK, the Punch will be sent to Supervisor's Dashboard for Approval. Once Approved, the Checkin/Checkout will reflect in Reports and on Dashboard under Checkins Today/Checkins.

You can watch a tutorial on Checking In and Out by clicking here. Click here to watch User tutorial on Checkins and Checkouts.

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