If you face Camera Error at the time of Checking In/Out, verify the following:

  1. Latest version of the App is installed in your device when Checking In/Out of the App.
  2. Your device settings allow Regular.li access the device camera(s)
  3. Smartphones/Tablets may not support device camera(s) when Checking In/Out of browsers, especially from Safari browser in iOS handheld devices. Therefore, use the App for Checking In/Out from handheld devices.
  4. Your device has a camera and its driver is installed correctly.

If you still face any issue with camera when Punching Attendance from the App, enable Camera Safe Mode in Preferences page.

You can watch a tutorial on Preferences by clicking here.

In order to self Diagnose whether device settings allow Regular.li to access the device camera(s), you can use the Diagnostic Tool to test camera(s). Alternatively, you can also use the Tool to send a Diagnostic Report to our Support Desk.

Watch a tutorial on how to use the Diagnostic Tool by clicking here.

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