While Field Tracking allows monitoring location of Punches, is it possible to also track Realtime location and movements of Members? Absolutely! With Background Field Tracking feature, Super Admins and Admins can monitor location of Members in Realtime on a map.

In order to do this, enable both Field Tracking and Background Field Tracking in the Security Settings of a Member. This Member will now see a green "Track" button on his/her Dashboard after logging in to the mobile App. In order to start monitoring the Member's movements, the Member must first allow himself/herself to be tracked by clicking on this button. The button will then turn into a red "Stop" button. Clicking on Track will start recording the Member's movements until he/she hits Stop. To watch the movements in Realtime on a map, go to the Realtime Field Tracking section. Recordings of these movements can also be seen in the Field Tracking Report section. 

Please ensure that location sharing with Regular.li is allowed in the Member’s device settings.

You can watch a tutorial on Background Field Tracking by clicking here.

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