Reports hold a vast amount of information regarding Attendances, Leaves, Holidays etc. that can be used for analysis and even for preparing payrolls and timesheets.

To access these Reports, go to Menu and choose Reports. Then click on a suitable Report.

Super Admins and Admins can access the Field Tracking Report by going to Menu and choosing Field Tracking and then clicking on Report.

While an Admin can access Reports for his/her mapped Locations only, a Super Admin can access Reports of all Locations. This means, if your Account has 3 Locations - say, A, B, and C then an Admin mapped to Locations A and B can access Reports of all Members who have Base Location mapped as either A or B. Super Admin can access Reports of all Members.

All Reports can be exported to mail or downloaded directly to your device.

Click here to watch a tutorial on Reports. You can watch a tutorial on User's Reports by clicking here.

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